Friday, 25 December 2015

Battle Rapper Feature Friday Shotty Horror @ShottyHorroh @dontflop @KingOfTheDot @UDuBBNetwork

Shotty Horroh is a rapper from Manchester, he has been in the rap battle game since 2011. In June 2013 he announced he would not be battling in DF again. Shotty Horroh is considered by many to be the best battler in the UK. His unique blend of URL style threats, chillling word play and sharp freestyling ability make him one of the most internationally respected battlers of Don't Flop.

Shotty Horroh began his battling career at his own event where he faced off against Grind Time legend and fan favouriteDizaster. Shotty then went on to face Don't Flop legend Osheaon Lab Battles, in a promo match up showing that even after only two battles he could still clash with the top spitters on both sides of the Atlantic.

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