Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Syd Vicious vs J-pro Barfest @SydLunacy @JProepsilon

Check out this battle from two of my favorite underrated battle MC's 

So I have followed both these guys for years. They are two of the most well rounded battlers. Both are punchers but it's not all just gun bar punches. I wait to see which wrestling bars J Pro gonna come with

Syd got nice delivery good multis nice rhyme patterns and got some punchlines. 

round 1 
I liked the delivery of the Google maps line
His Closer was really good

J pro
The Zack morris line came out of nowhere
He came with punch punch punch
Papa Shango lol
I liked Pro energy

I think I edge to SYd Vicious

Round 2
Syd started meh.. ok punches good delivery but nothing jumped out at me.

Jpro started nice I liked the Syd sids baby victim
I liked the muppet babies line
He was going in with some good like bar punches.
this round goes to J Pro

Round 3
His Like a Bitch scheme was crazy
Syd was strong here in this round
some good catholic bars

I like J Pro  rebuttal 
I think pro went in on the punches 
He closed stronger than Syd
This battle I've gone back and forth 
3rd round is tied. If this was old GT there would be a OT
but I'll to J Pro

THIS WAS CRAZY !!!!!!!!!

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