Monday, 21 December 2015

BeastMode - REEALITY vs @LevCorso Rap Battle (Title Match) @BeastModeBattle @JonnyJibbz @LymeLyteVideo @TheLexxorcist

Check out the latest title match from Toronto born league BeastMode.  
The title match faces the challenger, from New Jersey, Lev Corso versus the champion, from Toronto Reeality.
Ive known reeality for along time and he continues to get better. Ive seen a few of Lev Corsos battles but I wasn't really a follower of his battles. 

Round 1 
Levs whole Do you feel like the champ Ree schemes were killer.
Nice delivery 
Liked the well rounded line
Good breakdown with girls shit

I think Ree needed to have cleaner delivery 
I think he had some ok lines But  some where eh 
H didn't get hot until  2nd half 
he did lost substance line both make fun of weight

Easy win for Lev

Round 2
Lev had some good delivery and cadence
Some good punches most didnt land for me
I liked the rihanna cheek line
Sounds like  J-Pro but not as good
Robins why was annoying Need more people to do it for it to work 
I liked the name for himself and his closer 

Ree was funny 
Smart attack going disrespectful at his girlfriend who's there 
The battling while sexing was hilarious 
Simple but effective 
Good name flips 
a few slip ups  again 

Edge to Ree
Some good punches in this line 
I loved the name flips  Moving backwards
Reeses Peices line Merk You ree ( mercury)
meh vet line

Ree had some nice punches throughout 
I think Ree had much better pen in this round and outwrote
However it was like  he was losing his breath
Ryan Gosling line lol 
I think Lev had much better delivery 
And some more confidence He came out like he was the champ 

I have to edge that round to Lev for Rees slip ups and delivery or lack thereof.

Close battle Lev deserved to win 

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