Monday, 21 December 2015

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Check out the 2015 GZ Grand Prix Finals

We got the hometown boy, the KOTD Veteran Aftershock versus 
the new up and comer Urban the Element.

This was a great finale to match what I feel was a great GP. It definitely did it's job by putting to the forefront and letting some forgotten vets that needed to get more shine.

Shocks and Urban had different approaches to this battle where I felt Aftershock went for the talk to him mode ( or talk down to him), while Urban went to the the bar heavy punch approach.

Loved the Dragon Ball Z  bars  but got slept on 
The Kool aid lines been used before so wasn't feeling that. 
How he broke down Urbans wins and discredit his wins in that round was great. 
Loved the closer

Urban had some punches I am not the fan of just gun bars But he had some good lines here and there
I loved the set up to the Taco truck line.
He could have ended harded then the Gjoni line.

Wow Aftershock went really personal and disrespectful like I've never seen in this. 
Dissing the girl right there was wrong.
Urban lost points for not rebutting the lines to his girl.
Urban had few lines  I like the camel toe  Chris Unbias 
When he went on the used to be at

Aftershock truly talked to him in this round.
Aftershock also went in on those on the Freshcoast.
Stuff  needed to be said 

Urban was 
The scouts honor line was nice
nice john cena line
I think that Urbans delivery was much better and smoother than Shocks 

Winner Edge to Urban 

I had to agree with the decision. I thought Urban was good but other than a few slip ups 
Aftershock was just better in this.  I hope this propels both of these guys into bigger battles and they keep there upward trajectory.

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