Wednesday, 6 April 2016

@BeastModeBattle @JonnyJibbz @LymeLyteVideo @TheLexxorcist @lucianocrakk VS @iamslowloris #BeltBoys #Savage #NaturalSelection #PH #sons #rsmg #sentralsoldiers #BurnerKings #PKL

Ok we got Slow Loris one of the rising stars of BeastMode vs battle vet Luciano Crakk. 
This should be a good battle. 

Slow Loris ok with some nice delivery some good punches nothing heavy few lines were meh... and a little slip up Funny lines when he came back 
Crakk did what Crakk does had some nice punches 
He easily one this round

Did Slow Loris really choke after his first line
How you get an oppurtunity like this and fuck it up 
#ErickForeman mention hahaha
Some good freestyles and lines

This battle easily went to Luciano Crakk just based on Slow Loris not coming through

You I want to see Slow Loris vs Reeality 
Has that happened yet

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