Wednesday, 6 April 2016


So my view on Wrestlemania and Raw, is that I feel that internet wrestling fans are killing wrestling. They are a bunch of people acting too cool and too smart to enjoy the show. They all feel that they are of the line bookers and no more than everybody. They create stirs and stuff that get bigger and I believe ruin certain things in wrestling. A lot of belittling of Wrestlemania and it’s build up and it’s feuds blah blah blah is tiring and I will try to avoid becoming that in my blogging.

I am very disappointed with Ambrose match. They could have did so much more with that match. But protecting Brocks image always seems more important than an actual good match

I was very impressed with the build and the results of Wrestlemania. Especially given how many of there go to main eventers were out of commission

I predicted that the Womans title match would be the best match of the night and I was gladly proven right.  The only disappointment was the outcome.  That title really needs to go to Sasha Banks.  But because she was not pinned she would be able to start a 1 on 1 feud with Charlotte.
Maybe have Becky do a feud with Emma who I think did amazing in her match up
The womans division is the best I’ve seen in years but Sasha is the clear star and needs to get that push. I hope they don’t hold her down because shes not white and blonde. History tells me that WWE has an issue with pushing minorities to the top spots in the company.

Shane McMahon vs Undertaker was much better than I expected and hearing it’s not Undertakers last Wrestlemania is both bad and good news.  What more can he do? More and more I think it was a mistake them ending the streak the way they did. It might have been a good way to kill off Undertaker for a little  bit. I wonder if he gone for another 11 months.
The New Day League of Nations feud ended up a real meh….. of a an actual match and all the exciting parts have come from things outside the matches.  Coming out of the giant BOOTYO’s cereal  The legends coming out and doing what they do. Seeing some stunners again was great.
Even the next night they came out on rocked the house. And the most exciting thing League of Nations did was kick out Barrett. Which I didn’t see the point of. We will see where it will lead too.  “Wyatts????”

The rock and Cena segment at Wrestlemania wasn’t really needed.
I am wondering where the New Day will go as there’s not really allot of good heel teams for them to face. *cough* Bullet Club *cough*.

This match was great and you knew It was going to be great

They better give it back to him and this just be  a cool feud with him and Miz. I feel that guy  puts in so much work and they never really give him the chance to pass or fail. They just assume failure

I’m so  glad Roman Reigns won and that push is one I hope the WWE continues to utilize
Roman has the talent and put in the work and deserves the rewards.  I wouldn’t have mind a heel turn but I see it happening eventually. But this whole hate Roman is so nonsensical I don’t get it. I continue to believe that there are a group of fans that will want to hate whoever WWE seems to put up as a face

I am surprised that all who lost were kind of fan favorites. But for the most part I thought the Wrestlemania pulled out a pretty good job. It wasn’t the greatest Wrestlemania I have seen but it wasn’t the worst either


Roman Reigns DEF Triple H to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Baron Corbyn won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
The Undertaker DEF Shane McMahon
The Rock DEF Erick Rowan
Charlotte DEF Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks to win the WWE Women’s Championship
Brock Lesnar DEF Dean Ambrose
The League of Nations DEF New Day
Chris Jericho DEF AJ Styles
Zack Ryder wins the Intercontinental Championship Seven-Man Ladder Match
The Usos DEF The Dudley Boyz
Team Total Divas DEF Team B.A.D & Blonde
Kalisto DEF Ryback to retain the Unites States Championship

Raw Results
·         RESULTS: New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) (c) defeated League of Nations (Sheamus & King Barrett) (WWE Tag Team Championship); Sasha Banks defeated Summer Rae; Apollo Crews defeated Tyler Breeze; Dolph Ziggler versus Baron Corbin ended in a double count-out; The Miz defeated Zack Ryder (c) (Intercontinental Championship); Dudleys defeated Usos (Tables match); AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Cesaro (Fatal Fourway match for #1 Contendership)

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