Wednesday, 6 April 2016

@BeastModeBattles @JonnyJibbz #DatKingShh @Cormzilla vs AJ # DatKingShh

So we got Cormz the Cancerous a battle vet whos is not very good versus Aj I've heard of him but not seen his battles
Aj delivery is real talking need to up his delivery
His angle was nice some nice lines
Ended much better than it started
Cormz better "rapper" His delivery and agressive catches your attention
Pen is not on the same level. He punches aren't as good if you listen but his performance still grabs you allot more
This is someone who actually raps versus someone who watches battle rap and writes some lines
THey both use allot of multi rapping 
I liked that AJ freestyle
His 3rd round was kind of crazy and that would be the round AJ would win. Even with the throw off I still think he killed 
If Aj rapped like this 3 rounds he would be a problem 
I have to give this battle to Cormz 2-1 

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