Tuesday, 5 April 2016

#IBELIEVESURVIVORS #NOMATTERWHAT? Is this a fair and Smart view ? #DatKingShh #JianGhomeshi

 So in the aftermath of the Jian Ghomeshi trial there has been allot of hyperbole about how the system doesn’t protect the victims, and how we need to change and overhaul the whole system.  I wonder what that change can look on. Our whole legal basis is built on the idea that someone accused of ANY crime is innocent until proven guilty. I don’t know how we would be able to form a different standard when it’s sexual assault.  And I don’t know if we should. 
There have been some very dangerous messages coming out from this and I don’t mean the message of Jians not guilty.
In the sea of protesters I seen a bunch of signs that had some very scary message. “ I BELIEVE SURVIVORS… NO MATTER WHAT!”  Believing accusers no matter what, is just as dangerous as not believing accusers. Lets not act like every rape charge or sexual assault accusation is valid. So for any person who has ever been falsely accused and had there life ruined over said false charge, what does that statement say.
“Even if you are found innocent or she’s proved wrong, there’s still going to be some who see you as guilty. There’s a group that can’t fathom a woman who would make up the story”
I have personally been falsely accused of sexual assault, but lucky the truth got out there quick enough to not ruin my name.
You should believe survivors that give you reason to believe them.  The whole believe every single female on every single claim regardless of  the validity of her statements is a dangerous and pretty psychotic mentality to have.
I am in no way saying the system is fair to the victims that are legitimate, and that society could still do more refining to how we handle it. But this swing to where we automatically believe the accused and it’s somehow wrong to question the validity of there statements is not correct either and is just an opposite evil

Now I am ready for any backlash from this new Womens Lib man hate movement that always dominates the media when these atrocities happen.
So it is what is

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