Wednesday, 13 April 2016

#DatKingShh battle Review @URLTV @RealReedDollaz VS @CakeLyfe_CHESS #RappingStillMatters #ITSINTHECAR @smackwhite @streetstarnorbe

So in this next battle we got the an official vet and legend in the Philly battle scene Reed Dollaz returning again to battling.  This is the 2nd battle in this era. I am glad he returned as he had a lackluster battle vs John John the Don.  This time he is facing one of the fastest rising young stars of URL Chess. 

This battle I am not going to break it down round by round but just going to break down the overall battle.
This battle is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the Philly battle scene, and the diffence in battle rapper and artist.
Now if you look at the areas and cities being repped for battling Philly gotta be right now one of the weakest battle divisions. The best one out of the area is Rone. But at the same time, if any areas do music Philly rappers in general will come out with the best stuff.
In general Philly are great MC Got great flow delivery and good and composing of songs, but in general they are not really punchline heavy which hurts them on the Accapella version of new battling.
I have to say Reed def got better than he was in the John John battle and I think he might have taken the battle.
Chess is a ok representation of the new era of battling where everything is about punchline and multiple entrendre and lines going over people heads.  I give him he’s better than allot of the PG’s
I get bored very easy listening to these guys as they are kind of repetitive and not much saying is mind blowing.
Reed wins as he’s much better a rapper than Chess

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