Monday, 11 April 2016

#kotdgz @kingofthedot @Lex909 VS @illipsisHVB @Gullytk @organikhiphop @BishopBrigante @KingFlyKOTD @RexKOTD #GroundZero

Lex D was actually pretty good in this battle. He mixed some jokes and bars his delivery has improved. And actually broke Illipsis down. I liked this more than the basic comedy

Starting with the freestyle
Let see this battle really get started hhahahaa been a while since we have had that started
Some ok bars
I hate everyone with these gun bars act This is worse than Charron
Dam some shots at Tricky P
Tricky P vs Illipsis is crazy.

Lex D is funny with his intros
Back to the jokes with Lex D some ok some meh...
WHite Priveledge hahahaha

I don't know what  he said in the spanish but I liked the subtitles
Illipsis goes in on the 2nd round
Tell Bruno Bars I'm uptown funking him up hahahaha

Lex going in on the 3rd round and really going in
He's not bad when he goes serious and not just dropping jokes
Little slip up but really great
Illipsis got some pretty good with the multi scheme

THis match is much closer than I expected I thought it would be a bodybag for Illipsis.
I would edge Illipsis to all 3 rounds but they were all close and Lex might have taken 1st and 3rd really close. But I do give them Illipsis

I have a few suggestions for Illipsis battles
Carter Deems
would be too good matches for him

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