Thursday, 14 April 2016

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So checking out the DirtbagDan Show.
THey got a good setup and now Reverse Live  is now a co-host.

I will say I'm a wrestling fan. The appeal is that it has everything we want in entertainment
It's basically UFC wiith controled story lines and drama carrying it on.

DBD I will like the Facebook page I want to see the comedey det .
I will say that Dan and Caustic both need to come to Toronto and do a show at the Hotbox Cafe when you come down for World Domination or something

Lu Cipher vs Reverse Live DAMMMMM!!!!!!!!

With The DBD interview I found that he was to friendly with the guy and didn't really interview him. They just chilled and had a convo. I didnt learn anything new about the guy or about skating. I did learn something about DBD as I didn't know who was so into skating This reminded me of when Arsebio Hall used to "interiew" Eddie Murphy

Reverse Live 40 Oz review  hahahahaa
The dahling  of 40
Old English
The only 40 outta 40
Wow I would never think the West Coast cats be knowing about Beanie Man and  other reggae shit hahaha
I have to say I am impressed

Skyler is kind of asshole on the show. He kind of just stands there and roasts everyone else on the show.

Back to Baysics

hahaha the fire shit was hilarious but then got tiresome 

I find Sam Kolt very overrrated from what I have seen Boby will suprise allot of people but Sam will edge this 
Everybody Knows  is one of my favorite battlers
#hahahah PartNut

I hope Rex don't retire I wanna see T Rex vs Reed Dollaz  and T- Rex vs KShine 

I do think that Dirtbag Dan is much more controlled than the other co-hosts
Daylyt ruined the Pat battle Real Deal Battle mand a few others 

What Happened to the 5 battles of the week I like that segment 

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