Tuesday, 5 April 2016


So we have just gone through the passing of our most famous mayor, the one and only, Rob Ford.  I wanted to write about  what I’ve seen being printed and said in lieu of his passing.   I wanted to wait for a bit on the mourning to be complete,   before speaking my piece. 
I know we are not supposed to speak ill of the dead and I firmly agree with that sentiment to a point. But I don’t  think it’s good to lie about the dead either.  If you don’t have anything nice to say it’s better to say nothing than to fabricate facts.
One of the major issues I have is this whole idea that Rob Ford was a great mayor who was just plagued with personal problems.  In truth he was never a great mayor.
Other idea, is the whole idea of him being a hero to the small guy and the tax payers pockets.  Do you know how much his politics has caused the city. How much did we lose when he stepped in and cancelled the already funded ready to go Transit City?
When he got into politics promising to end the gravy train of unneeded expenditures, what he actually did was end some much needed programs for the people of the city. Basically he ran the city as if something doesn't interest him personally or those close to him, it’s not worth funding. I mean he went after libraries, daycares, and allot of art stuff, that lead me to believe that he has never had to worry about paying for Daycare he doesn’t understand the need for it.
The only good gravy train thing he tried to do was stopping the ridiculous perks of city hall. I have yet to hear one good reason that such well-paid city workers will get such big perks especially during a time that we are cash strapped.
His personal issues were just a magnification of a problem that was affecting his job. It was a God  complex where he felt above the law above his other politicians, and pretty much above the citizens he served.  He was an enemy and opponent of anyone who ever disagreed with him and was unable to ever compromise.

This was not meant as a way to deride Ford, as I did agree with allot of his talking points and his rhetoric.
I really didn’t care about the scandal part as that is just humanity, that we all live through.  But do not let a passing of someone distort your history of what happened to our city under his watch.

I don’t know if he had good intentions and was not able to complete them, or if he had bad intentions and all the good was a façade.  But the years of him as mayor were not positive ones for the city. The best thing he did for the city is FordFest. I do think that could be turned into something bigger as I like what it stood for in the community 

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