Wednesday, 13 April 2016

#DatKingShh Battle review Carter Deems ( @VegetarianArms ) VS @CheddaCheeseRap @KingoftheDot @organikhiphop #BO6IX #Blackout6ix @RexKOTD @KingFlyKOTD @NorthANomix @GullyTK @BishopBrigante @DjDoctaKOTD @SandeepKOTD @JProepsilon @AvocadoIsGod @NelsonAries @DamnItsClayton @SketchMenace @ddubbkotd @lasparka604 @WillieBKOTD @NikiyaO @PoisonPenBK @Alwayz_Wynn @Malathion01 @MouseMediaPro @ScottJacksonBB @RyanPVPKOTD @ReverenceNS @Lemme_kno @DGibs @PhillyDFilms @seansirianni @M_3rcy @JoeCashKOTD @Kryple @elcheapostudios @HipHopVancouver @MistaConspiracy @LifeOverCrime #CatMob

So in a world and a culture that sometimes can be accused of taking itself WAY to serious, here comes a breath of fresh air in mean world of battle rap.   What made this battle so great was that it was the light hearted silliness of a compliments battle. It wasn’t even a simplistic 1- 2 joke punchline that you can sometimes expect from “ joke” rappers or “nerd” rappers.

But actually what you got was a wild mix of bars, jokes gun lines real talk breaking down of each others style that was pretty incredible.
If you have a friend that you want to introduce to battling, this is one of the good ones to introduce new people into battling

I think the battle was as good as it could be. I still wish Carter Deems had a little more improvement in his delivery, that all rounds were more like his 3rd.  Just for performance sake
I don’t know what it was, I haven’t timed the rounds but Cheddas rounds seem allot shorter

Round 1 This round was easily Cheddas I think he put on a rapping clinic here showing you can mix comedy and lyrics and some rhythm patterns into your style
Carter Deems was good but clearly outclassed

Round 2  This is the most debatable round in the battle and it’s what decides the winner.
I thought both did there thing but I just had to give it to Chedda based on the rapping and delivery

Round 3 This round was all Carter. Chedda was good but again round seemed to be cut short  and I think Carters angle was just perfect  breakdown
I don’t do this to make fun of battle rap, I do this cause battle rap is fun

Chedda Cheese 2-1 over Carter Deems
What Chedda had that won him the battle was his delivery is so much better. He is actually “rapping”. I know for many that doesn’t matter anymore but I’m still in a age where rapping in a rap battle still actually matters and you do get points for it.

I think Chedda really getting slept on being from where he’s from. I really hope some bigger matches come his way

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