Wednesday, 6 April 2016

@BeastModeBattles @JonnyJibbz @reealitymusic @shanemac519 vs @mergeonehiphop #DatKingShh

Check out the battle between Shane Mac vs Merge One

Merge One is a former BeastMode champ Shane Mac is the one and only 5iveFold champion
Merge One had allot of jokes Shane Mac came bar after bar
Shane easily took the 1st round that was a body
Merge One was better in the 2nd round
Liked the corner gas line
I still think Shane coming with the punches might have edged that round 
Maybe a tie as Shane was really just hitting with some cool nameflips for most of it
Merge got some lines but delivery is kind of meh....
Snakes on the plane daaaamm!!!! 
I have to give the last round edge to Merge as Shane came with punches but to me most didn't land and that Chuck and Larry line is auto lose a round line. 

THis was a pretty good battle. Goes to Shane Mac 2-1 over Merge One. 

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