Thursday, 14 April 2016


Gun Titles are truly gassed as a indivuals and teams in the URL arena. I think Tay Roc don't want to leave URL as he knows some of his shit won't fly anywhere else. If Tay Roc goes to KOTD and URL some of his shit is falling. In URL they go crazy over everything he says good or not  Like in the first round some of the stuff wasnt hot and they went crazy over absolutely every punch to the point is was almost silly  
NWX I think need to take a break from the battling just to not lose the novelty of seeing them. They've lost more two on two than they won but they make every battle entertaining and competitive 

1st ROund Gun Titles were kind of hot They started out slow and the crowd still gassed. But they picked up and had some heat bars
Dna K Shine had some ok lines but the crowd was sleeping on them You can tell who the fan favorites were
Gun Title takes this round easily
They had the crowd before the battle and they were good enough to be better than NWX and with the crowd on there nuts just made it look more of a body 

2nd Round Gun Tiles had a horrrble basic 2nd round with a weak played out wrestling scheme
Check out people like SpeakEasy for what a wrestling sheme should sound like mehh,,,, It was too long and it was kind of wack

I really don't even know why this battle was released to be honest
This was wack cats can't be professional and gotta be all ignorant and shit.
I can't judge this a winner or loser not enough material 
DNA could freestyle some stuff better than GunTitles Wrestling scheme 

Gun Titles as a team they are ok but they are way too 1 dimensional

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