Monday, 11 April 2016

@DontFlop @Shuffle_T VS @HereticHR @twitteurgh @BenWMarsh @JoelWattsOnline @BodyBagnall #DFAFD

We got the return of Shuffle T vs Newcomer Shuffle T. I like Shuffle in singles competition but not as good as when he 2 on2 with Marlo

Shuffle starts with what Shuffle does jokes and roast his opponent
The mirror line was hilarious Going in so much on being Vegan and it was actually funny
How young is Heretic
He breaks down Shuffles resume brilliantly in a way I haven't seen
I do see the similarities between the two.
Shuffle with a funny rebuttal
SHuffle still going in on Heretic lifestyle but on a different angle

Are you aware all of this is rhyming hahahahahahah
Weirdest round I have been entertained with in awhile

Wow they are really similar Heretic breaking down Shuffle integrity and his writing style with the multis
The sold out scheme was crazy

I liked that Shuffle rebuttals

I heard this was the best Shuffle but it's def not the best I've seen
Steve Carrol to the British Office

1st Round goes to Shuffle T
2nd round Heretic 
Heretic breaking down his change in employment brilliantly

I edge this Heretic

Battle to me goes Heretic 2-1  
Its hard because Heretic is just like Shuffle T 

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