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So start with build Vs AJ if its a push for him to go heel 
But I wouldn't mind an AJ styles turn and leading the Bulllet Club either 

The Return of Shane O Mac running Raw again.
The Return of Stephanie McMahon. I have to say she's gotten so much better then when she started. If she worked on in ring she'd been an amazing Diva like how Shane does his matches

The Old security pulling out the ring is meh.... tired tactic

Aj Style Vs Sheamus 

I think this a good comparison as to what the match will be like
Size and power vs speed and high flying 
Sheamus kinds of bores me in the ring Matches aren't bad but just really similar
I remember Aj with TNA and he cannot carry the WWE right now. But I like to see how he will hit people with that Pele kick 
Winning by the Forearm???

New Day Rocks
They are just so much more exciting than any other team on the roster
Rocking the new wack running man down the rings
#Its Not the actual running man though
I love how the pay homage to certain people 
They are great


USO's vs Karl Anderson/Like Gallows
Are we supposed to not remember Luke Gallows?
Its cool they mentioning other divisions but we know Luke Gallows hahaha
I wonder if they told ppl they can't hint to it in promos
This could be a nice feud  but WWE don't have enough respect for Usos and will use them to get Anderson/Gallows over 
Roman reigns out to protect the Usos

Sammy Zayn Kevin Owens will put on a hell of match 

I like the Mr Wrestling Kevin Owens 
Zayn allot better as El Generic 
Rusev vs Sammy Zayn
Ok match make Zayn look good agains
t a big body 
I like Rusev but he's underuitilized 

Winning by roll up??????Weak

You know Kevin would ambush him

Apollo Crews  need help with the talking  on the image 
Great in the ring 

I didn't think i would like the StarDust character but it actually works for me 
Appollo Crew Get him a manager or something
Put him under Jericho as a manager turning him into a star 

Dean Ambrose is somewhere muddled in the middle and it's like they don't know what to do with him 
More and more I watch Dean Ambrose he really gives me a Roddy Piper vibe
jericho is such a classic heel with the fans hahahahah'

Walls of Jericho Nice!!!!!!!!

Finally some womens wrrestling hits 
Natalya vs charlotte 
I really hoping they give Natalya some love but they won't 
But that will be an amazing match 

Emma vs Charlotte
Emmas new image just really seems fake to me
Her old fun loving one seemed much more natural
They really made Emma look better in that match other than the submission 

Damien Sandow still around????
Dolph can do a good match vs anyone but he's going to lose to put over Corbin hahaha

So because of Dolph I don't get a Sandow match????booo

A revamp of this team of El Matadors 
I wish they would bring back Carlito do a whole stable 

Maryse & Miz meh......Cesaro back which is pretty good he had buzz and great in the ring 

Alberto Del Rio vs Roman Reigns should be a good match Reigns should win 
Great match for these two  
I like Del Rio in the ring 

Where the hell are the Uso's they are horrible backup 

Good news Cena coming back WWE really needs him and some of there other stars

I think the Bullet Club might actually backstab Aj Styles to cause him to lose the title cause Styles aint going to appreciate there help

WWE could have done a much better review of Chyna and should have had everyone out playing honor to her. She deserves it for what she meant for women wrestling  

PayBack card I like better than Wrestlemania on paper 

Smackdown Wrestling
Open up with Romans Reigns pumping his feud 
And out comes Miz and Maryse to talk trash 

League of Nations is the most boring click but it makes sense 
None of them have the charisma 

League of Nations vs Kalisto Ceasarro and Sammi Zayn

I guess it's to push the fact that they're all in Payback matches 
So they breaking up the League of Nations 
Plus makes the other 3 look good before the PPV 

So they could do a 3 man match between the League Of Nations

I haven't really followd Baron Corbin that much  so we got his match vs  Damian Sandow
i don't know why Damien dont get the love he's sooo talented 
I like the End Of Days move though

He's becoming more and more like Roddy Piper everyday 
Now it's a new vamp of Pipers Pit

I wish they did some of these on sets in the back like they used with Pipers pit snake pit or the Babershop 

Natalya great in the ring not much more 
Why wouldn't she pushing her father rather than Bret 
Ok match nice push up 

New Day Rock 
They aint really using the #SocialOutcasts properly vs Enzo/Cass
Enzo kind of funny kind of annoying 
Vaudevillains are a joke lo

I can see Enzo being the talker when him and Cass eventually have to break up 

I am so tired of the Golden Truth segmet just tag  or feud or not
What's the new team of Colons going to be called

Apollo Crews needs to look at old Rocky Maivia 
He's eventually going to need switch some bad. 
I see a vision of Jericho taking him under his wing to turn him into a star 

Miz vs Roman 
I hate champiions vs Champions matches as historically they've been used to bury the IC champ and make the Heavyweight champ look good. 
Miz i find all charisma very meh... in the ring
But Miz pulled a good match 

I still  think Bullet Club going to end up causing Styles the match but would love for them to team up 

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