Wednesday, 6 April 2016

@kingofthedot @OfficialGjonaj VS @mc_psycoses @ORGANIKHIPHOP @GULLYTK @BISHOPBRIGANTE #All1stVerse #WheresWaldo #PutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIs

I think Psychoses is better as his setup are not as bad and has better intricate multi schemes 
AA little breath control issue in the 1st round That casket drop is nice
I like his Gjonaj impressions 
Gjonaj is going in. I don't see the Diz comparison 
His much more composed and punch heavy then Diz ever was 
THey both went into each other. 
I think it's a style preference I don't really want to choose a winner 

That whole food digest scheme muthafucking killed me. 
That scheme literally won him that round  Psychoses was killing it until that

 These guys are crazy

I like they both freestyle and rebuttal
I like Psychoses style with the rhytmic multis and not just slowly talking
SOme nice punches PANGEA !!!
Ending alot harder than it started goes in 
That was a genius bar
Gjonaj really crazy with the schemes 
I edge this round with Psychoses

I think this was the weakest round Psychoses 
The whole 1st half was meh... but it picks up in the 2nd half the round and ends pretty hard.
I think Gjonaj was still crazy in this round 
He's much more consistent 
He takes the battle2-1  taking 1st and 3rd round. 

Psychoses sounds like Danny Myers but his punches might be better
KOTD that's the battle we need to see
Psychoses vs Danny Myers 
Gjonaj is crazy with schemes and not corny
Lets see Gjonaj vs Chilla Jones 

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