Thursday, 7 April 2016

#PowerandRespect.#TalkThatShit2 @RealDealPGH vs. @MrInnuendo_QP #QPSONS #RDtheChef #4thinworld #BestWHiteRapper

So we got 
Real Deal vs QP
I have to say Real Deal all of a sudden becoming all gangster street in his battles
That kind of throws me off with his bars
He had some crazy lines but I have to admit I don’t feel  that approach with Real Deal
His 3rd round was the first round I liked Real in this battle
QP fucking killed this battle. He came with his bars  after bars
Even his 3rd round freestyle was actually incredible
I have to give it to QP
He won the 1st and 2nd round and the 3rd round was kind of even

I love freestyle 

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